King of the Highlands 2020 - 11th place of 26 players

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Floydos 29

Hi there!

After a long pause from non-online tourneys thanks, "we know who", I participated in the annual tourney in Sazava, Czech Republic. (Btw.: great as usual).

When I was deciding what deck I want to try, I took Arianne Martell (PoS) and tried to figure out how to maximalize her ability. First try was House Martell/Banner of the Rose, it wasn´t that bad, but it lacked something. Another try was House Martell/Assault from the Shadows, but during the tests, I had terrible games with it. So the last try was a desperate one. I personally hate Kingdom of Shadows but I found it as "only" reliable way how to maximalize Ari´s ability. The choice of cards is pretty obvious, nothing innovative or revolutionary. Maybe I would use more copies of Hired Assassin or Friends at Court instead of Shrewd Diplomat.

Game 1 vs Targ/HRD. Lose. Hardcore burn backed by good economy from HRD card (I will not spoil it) and of course Daenerys Targaryen (TFM) resulted into quite interesting but already decided game.

Game 2 vs Martell/VS. Win. It was a brutal game for my opponent with Ser Robert Strong killing Arianne Martell (Core) at plot 2. Flayers did most of the job and The Knight of Flowers (AtG) finished the game at plot 5.

Game 3 vs Tyrell/Summer. Win. I got really lucky at the opponent´s second plot (Wardens of the South) when my Ghaston Grey sent 2 times duplicated Randyll back to hand and my next intrigue claim was his 3rd copy (from the hand of 8 cards). Flayers were again killing chuds what resulted in one of the duo Mace Tyrell (HoT) and Renly Baratheon (FFH) was sent to the Wall. It was Mace. And then Arianne Martell (PoS) started to shine with again KoF closing the game at plot 5.

Game 4 vs. NW/Steel. Lose. This game was just pain. After PD I had to play with 1 Roseroad (PD discarded 1 River Gate and 1 Summer Sea Port) because my deck decided to troll me :) I did not see any of the eco until YWoD plot when I drew 2 Dornish Fiefdoms from the plot, and Summer Sea Port and Roseroad from draw phase.

Game 5 vs. Bara/VS. Win. Again. This game was a pain for my opponent. He got really crap draw, he cannot play attachments to my chars to get better cards via VS. Killing Alester Florent in the Dominance phase with Ser Strong was hard... 2 Flayers killing some chuds. Robert Baratheon and Stannis killed too. Realy I have to apologize to my opponent for such pain.

The final result was really nice. I did not expect it. But most of all it was a real tourney with real people. After a really long time, it was the best part of the tourney. Next time I want to try the same Arianne in a different deck - maybe Assault or some banner - because Ari is really great and I love her:D

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Neoptolemos 613

What about Martell/Lion? From my experience it's the most reliable Shadow Arianne deck :)

Floydos 29

@Neoptolemos Sounds interesting, I will definitely try it.