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Benji 758

Played this a bit for fast, relaxing games on Teki during occasional work breaks.

All about consensus proportions, stable behavior, this is what works fine on the long-term pattern.

Zero idea about potential metagame replies in this list, should probably not be important since opponent's must adapt to you, and not you to opponent.

"Off To Gulltown" becoming Bodyguard is far from being acquired to me. The flexibility of an Intrigue icon is way too interesting.

Still two plot choices that I consider interesting :

Naval Superiority because rush works better when you can find a situation where you deny opponent's economy. However, this plot requires perfect reading of the plot selection while automatically considering that your opponent knows. I tested blindly playing it T1, it is straightforward bad. But when you know it is going to cancel At the Gates and you have some economy behind, it gives you the advantage in pace you ideally want to have for a smooth game.

Tournament-wise, you obviously play Political Disaster for control decks.

Expose Duplicity because T2 = auto-win against Shadow with that type of deck.

Late Summer Feast > Loan from the Iron Bank because it is less granted for the opponent to benefit from LSF drawback.

The Wolf King x1 cannot be bad here.

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Benji 758

Some additional comments after several plays :

Political Disaster is metagamed by decks that could suffer from it, meaning that you will not find many occasions to play it beneficially. However, the key factor to know is that those decks needs to find their dupe and sacrifice their gates, otherwise they are in danger of suffering a tempo-loss shifting the game away from them.

Heir to the Iron Throne turns out to have a completely counter-intuitive ruling saying that you cannot sacrifice if you dupe. First of all, I thought it was acquired since a long time in the history of gamedesign that you do not go against what is intuitive to players. Second, it does not change the build. Third, an errata would be welcomed to explicitly state that on the card (instead of the rules) or simply remove this obscure ruling.

Catelyn WotN can enter the build, since it turns the mirror more in your favor. I prefer Catelyn CS because she is the definition of cost-effectiveness. But I feel like nowadays, too many decks would have a reply to deal with her if you plan to use her defensively... I think chosing between the two is something on the learning curve.

Jeyne Poole was just here because I like my decks to be stable. But the 1STR and the "empirically blank" textbox makes her a throw away. She should be errated to cost = STR and sacrifice then replace (like Heir).