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Benji 758

Another version of the Stark LotC that I currently enjoy playing. I do not think that either of the lists are perfects... But at least they contain good deckbuild and ideas worth sharing.

Catelyn Stark (WotN) instead of Catelyn Stark (Core) because in a developed game, the ability of Catelyn CS to prevent an effect has less impact... While Catelyn WotN reinforces the two key aspects of your deck : Powergrab and Heir TIT module.

Passing the Black Gate is removed... Because the two reasons of his efficiency are not present. You do not play weenies, meaning you will not make a major economic benefit. You can spread on table T1 with it, but it generally means that you will have overcommitted and a reset will cut you handless. I feel like you play LotC not for heavily powerrushing... But for maintaining a permanent powergrab advantage that allow you to systematically be above your opponent. Especially because you automatically win your Power challenge. So you play more table build than powerrush, at least according to V1 powerrush standard.

Bodyguard enters because it is a cheap Military claim at worst, a decisive save on ValarM at best.

Milk of the Poppy because the amount of problematic textbox are inversely proportional to the attachment-metagame available. Moreover, in this type of strategy, obtaining tempo advantage at cheap cost is exactly what you are looking for.

"Off To Gulltown" is removed because empirically, it turns out that I do not really have Icon spread issues. If it happens, I somehow manage to progress toward my condition victory anyway, thanks to the rest of the build allowing that. The surprise defense aspect is not especially important in that deck. Therefore, I prefer removing a dead card on setup, a very often dead card when I could cycle it in Challenge Phase, and play cards that could have a more decisive aspect on the game. With Martell Icon breaking in the meta, I would obviously consider it.

The Wolf King instead of Winterfell because 4-golds is simply too much here.

-------- Plots --------

Political Disaster is removed... Because every deck fearing PDisaster will passively metagame it, meaning that an effective PDisaster will happen due to opponent's draw favoring it. Since Stark LotC is a strong deck, you either plays something because it advantages your raw qualities or because it prevents being catched by several less powerful archetypes. Empirically, I feel like in these circumstances the first option is better with my tests.

Expose Duplicity is removed... Because in the absence of KoSw, Shadow decks have lost the economic bonus allowing them to have tempo. It was already difficult to beat Stark LotC before the ban of KoSw, I would feel like playing ExpDup would be overkill in the current situation, since they struggle with keeping your pace.

Weapons at the Door is the same kind of plot to remember it exists.

But I would keep these plots in the rookery, if I had it.

The Withering Cold allows a large advantage with Robb+Wyman, meaning that the real interest of it is forcing the opponent to play in reaction to it.

Close Call is a default choice... draw, economy, replaying an unique that died on ValarM... It has all qualities you look for and can prevent you from being locked in certain situations.

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Benji 758

Note #1 : Catelyn WotN seems better. Note #2 : Small Jon and Dacey are not great, since they tend to leave play quickly and with the power they claimed for renown (which is their sole interest). Without mentioning their drawback. If anything, Jason Mallister x3 or Last Hearth Scout x3 or a mix JMallister x1 LHS x2 would seems perfectly pertinent to me.