House of Starfall. Cities of Dorne vol. 2

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Hi again! This is the new version of my "Cities of Dorne" decklist, tailored for new German Online Series. For this tournament we were supposed to play at least 12 cards from any minor house: Florent, Botley, Arryn, Bolton etc. I've chosen house Dayne as I didn't have time to playtest anything and I considered my old Cities deck both easy to adapt (as it already had ~10 House Dayne cards) and interesting to redesign. City Festival and Gulltown are nice additions to Martell City package; Duel and The Pointy End seem like good choices in current meta and what is important, they are both War plots. I was a little bit worried about Crossings and giving them Prized power tokens, but overall didn't meet any Crossing; on the other hand, it's quite fast build and I was able to close games - or at least threat with Doran's EndGame - really quickly. As it has proven, Martell in fact are able to play "classic" thrones game with making a lot of challenges and focusing on actually winning them sometimes ;) Also huge thanks for @kawson for advices, these changes were amazing!

We had played 4 rounds: Round 1 - Renaud - Fealty Arryn (win)

Well, I didn't expect Targaryens in this tournament, but actually there were 2 loyalists! Nerius played Sea of Blood with Freys (well, they kinda pair up well thematically with "sea of blood") and my opponent have chosen burn deck with Arryn support. He have started with a bunch of small characters and my First Snow hit him badly in second round. The Tattered Prince was really amazing, he was fantastic last-moment addition as well as To The Spears!. I should definitely put more copies of this event, didn't realize it's power. In this game I had 6 plots in used pile t3 thanks to (Ricasso, Gulltown and At Prince Doran's Behest)! T4 Renaud tried You Win Or You Die, but I had too big board for him to handle.

Round 2 - Christian - Winter Botley (win)

Well, it was a choke and I was lucky enough to find several economies and build a little board. Again FSoW helped a lot, especially since I played it against Famine and Christian stayed with only Asha Greyjoy (Km) and Fishwhiskers. Desert Raider was crucial in this game. His Valar killed my Nymeria Sand (TRtW) (Vinced previously) and several armies, but with Manning the City Walls into Host of the Boneway I was able to rebuild my board. Dawn made a huge difference also. On turn 4th (or 5th) he played Euron Crow's Eye (Core), but I had already too many armies to deal with and finished with Endgame. Still, in possible next round probably my Duel would punish him badly.

Round 3 - Tamas - Aloof Hightower (lose)

Unfortunately for me, he've started with Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) with a Bodyguard, so my Duel - even while it've killed Renly - wasn't that useful. Tamas build his board just faster and I had to Valar Morghulis, trying to survive with stripping Randyll Tarly from icons or intimidating with Darkstar (Km) and Dawn, but he won fair. I wonder what would be the result if I had fin just a single copy of Doran's Game, since even against Mace Tyrell (R), Margaery Tyrell (AMAF), Leyton Hightower and Wardens of the South + some smaller guys I was probably able to force by 5 with ~4 armies, Darkstar (Km), The Prince's Plan and Dawn.

Round 4 - Urs - DWDW Dayne (win)

Well, Martell surprisingly for me were the most popular faction on this tournament, so I've expected to have a mirror match eventually. Urs got really AMAZING economy very fast (~6-7 eco locations on board t3), but sadly he didn't draw too many events. He had to play his First Snow early, but I was able to stay on board with Starfall Cavalry with a Dawn and Knights of the Sun. Doran's Game on t2 gave me only 3 powers, but then I had upper hand and soon flooded the board with a lot of renown guys with power icon.

There were a lot of amazing decks on the tournament: Stark Dragon Boltons, Greyjoy Winter Harlaws, Tyrell Summer/Aloof Redwynes, Martell Alliance Stag Wolf Boltons (sic!), even one "illegal" Lanni Dragon Clegane deck (as there are not enough "House Clegane" cards to play 12 in deck). 24 players in a tuesday tournament - really amazing! Congratulations for everyone (especially Marek for his first champion title) and see you next time!

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