Robert Baratheon and his White Swords

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Marco Martell 70

This is the deck I used to beat my opponent of House Targaryen (AlexFdez07) in The 8 Regents of Westeros.

I decided to play The White Book vs. Targaryen as no one from the team had built a WB deck before the match, and it seemed that the deck could be the best vs. dragons and not vs. suns (resetful decks that almost always play VD and ignore intimidate), krakens (possibly faster decks that don't care about White Sword Tower) or wolves (Cat & Winterfell) who were our remaining opponents.

Plot deck explanation:

  • A Tourney for the King is a speed booster ideal for any knights deck.
  • Close Call helps a lot vs. burn decks and vs. Dothraki hordes, here are many good targets, with the kings being the best two.
  • Compelled by the Faith helps to not lose too many power tokens when Targaryen is about to burn your knights or reset the table.
  • Loan from the Iron Bank is the money you may need in case of bad economy and impactful reset in the previous round, it can also be a finisher if you expect reset at some 10 power. I had no restricted card, so I picked this one.
  • Supporting the Faith is an obvious anti-events and anti-shadow counter which helps against both burning decks and mercenaries decks.
  • The Hand's Tourney is the least popular plot in this deck probably, it's here because of Dothraki hordes who can beat knights in a melee combat, otherwise it's a pretty nice finisher with 5 gold.
  • The Maiden is an opener.

Characters are mostly Knights and Kingsguards. There are also 2 Kings x3 to make a better use of agenda. Beside these there are only Antler Men who seem cheap and effective intrigue icon (they allow a Pinch or events on Supporting round), and Squires who are an economical support and a claim soak.

Attachments are support cards. Warhammer to intimidate Dany and her dragons (if you miss Robert), A Pinch of Powder to exploit the big STR you usually attack with when you want to trigger your agenda. White Cloaks to make your -knights (Horpe, Penrose, Davos and Nightsong Bastard) kingsguards and stand them, and to save your kings occasionally.

Locations are supposed to provide gold, and White Sword Tower is an event counter and a STR booster.

Events are basically to stop rival's events.

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Odrl 1231

As always, here is a link to the game in question. :)