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Lobotom 52

There is my deck, which made top 8 and king of swiss :)

First of all, big thanks organizers to set this up! Second, apology for my english, im not good at it :(

Now to the deck: This deck is build around cats attachements and not-kneeling strategy with multiple challenges. Gameplay is quite simple...get some small character - the best target are Erik Anvil-Breaker or Theon Greyjoy (TFoA), support with Cersei Lannister (LoCR) or Ser Jaime Lannister (Core), get some cats a lets go into challenge phase, where i dont kneel single charakter in 5 challenges... There are some supporting staff to multiple number of challenges like Casterly Rock (Core), Myrcella Baratheon (ATT), Relentless Assault, Coordinated Attack. Protection from Treachery and The King in the North (FotOG), Defiance after non stand plot or accidentally knelt Erik. Other cards supporting the strategy with boosting STR, milking char., helps pushing challenges through, etc., no much to talk. After Boots was realese, this deck become more playable - before that, you need Erik and Cersei to win, but with Boots, you can make every small char unstopable.

Plot deck - priceless KITN (most of opponents was surprised with this), very good at this deck, smmal number of reaction and Cersei Lannister (LoCR) is queen, The Withering Cold is super nice with Erik, Heir to the Iron Throne to dig what you need, keep small boards with The Mad King's Command and Valar Dohaeris, You Win Or You Die for inic. and draw... in first shoot there were Heads on Spikes but its on POD now. This deck mostly closing the games in R3.

I wont describe all of the games, its all about the same - Erik/Theon, bunch of cats, extreme powergrab. Only game where i played every my plot was with Templar...takes me long time to go through his defens.

I mention last game in top 8 - this deck suffer to The First Snow of Winter, in 75 cards find duplicate is difficulte, so whole board go to my hand, except Jaime, i can manage get some protection by canceling Mirri Maz Duur T1 and T2, on the first snow plot i played Cersei, KITN preventing stand Mirri from last wintering cold turn, so a get my all challenges and it looks really well (like 13-4 on power for me), but dont have 1 gold to marshal The Kingsroad, and due to this i lost iniciative and Jim turns game on his side - great game, great deck with great pilot - CG to Jim :)

I wasnt expected this performence of this deck - 7-1...

Congratulations to winner Superduck!!

Funny interactions: Gunthor Son of Gurn with Ser Pounce in T1 can discard opponents whole hand with multiple challenges. Tommen Baratheon has stealth with Lady Whiskers - can be important. Balerion can have cats attachements!!! (but dont have power icon).

Thanks for the tournament one more time! :) Cheers

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Comm 48

This is the most inventive deck I've seen for quite a long time ! Amazing idea to bring cats for a World Cup !

But you almost made it to the end, congratulations !

It's good to see new ideas like this ! It's really refreshing.

Magnus 121

Well deserved king of swiss!

SonOfBattles1 436

Such an innovative deck. The game vs Jim was probably the craziest game I’ve ever spectated. So many unexpected cards…. KITN, Defiance, freaking Coordinated Attack????? Well done sir! I’m looking forward to seeing more cool decks from you!

teamjimby 1987

Amazing deck and amazing tournament! I've seen several cat decks that make cheap characters into voltrons, but yours was so unexpected. King plot, Defiance, and Withering Cold are all great twists. It didn't come up in our game, but Relentless Assault is one of my favorite cards as well, and a perfect fit here.

Our top 8 game was one of the wildest and most fun I've ever played. Congrats on King of Swiss and top 8!

Lobotom 52

@SonOfBattles1 that was a crazy game :) Coordinated attack there wasnt usefull, but in game when i used it, its surprising 1 more mill challenge in small board, or just another power...i counted, that i can do with this plot up to 7 challenges :D and thats stupidly much :D if i played it in right game, with right cards, in theory, i can win on T1 :D (but thats never happend yet)... KITN and defiance are my favorite surprise here :) but only if i dont blank my own bodyguard on KITN againts VM :D

Lobotom 52

@teamjimby as You said, Relentless assault is perfect here (imho in every Qohor is), if i had one in our game, would be super happy :) In this card game are really tight games so rare, so the games like ours was , is deserved to be remembered! :) Congatz to you in top 4, amazing run with your Qohor :)