Bara fealty - Regional Dortmund winner, 33 ppl

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Borgio 104

Classical Bara-Kneel-Dominance Deck. Went 4-1 in swiss, top8, overall win. Played 5 of 8 games vs lannister (crossing, 3x kraken, wolf), one loss vs the crossing deck.

Top8 included 4 Lannister (2x kraken, 1x crossing, 1x dragon), 3 Stark (3x fealty) and me.

In my opinion bara is just underrated (or lanni/stark/martell-lion overrated) and blows the current lanni/stark meta, since I managed to win 3 tournaments with bara (2x Bara/Rose [SC], 1 Bara fealty [regional]). All of them with 24+ participans. But when most ppl play these "meta" decks, the chance they win is huge. So please guys play the OTHER HOUSES :D Lannister is a plague anyway.

Stannis Baratheon MVP.

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Necrophiliach 1

First of all gz for the win. Stark should have the upper hand vs Baratheon (with Robb Stark and Jon Snow). Why do you think baratheon is good vs Stark?


Congrats on your win! I too have to ask: two of the top decks in the meta are Stark, and Lanni Dragon. Stark has Jon Snow, and Robb Stark (also triggered if necessary by Grey Wind or even Bran), and plays Milk of the Poppy. Lannister often uses Seal of the Hand, and Magister Illyrio out of the banner. What is the plan against these two decks? I never understand control decks!

Nestalim 1

While Bara is clearly dominating on Lanni Meta, I don't understand how you can beat Stark. The whole kneel module is nearly unplayable agains't Jon/Robb, and Stannis will hurt us more than them.

Borgio 104


First I have to say that the Lannister matchup is always a pain in the ass, because they can hit you in the nuts at any state of the game ^^ But if your kneeling machinery rolls it is manageable.

Second, the Stark matchup is - for me - not as bad as Lannister. I don´t know why, but the Wolf is not as scary as the Lion.

If he only has Robb out - I won´t do any mil challenges, making power through dominance & clever defence.

Depending on the board situation I often just do not initiate a single challenge, why should I, when I have Fat Bob + Stannis on the field? Giving me 1-3 Power earch round. + renown.

I played several matches where my enemy had Robb + Jon, but still was not a problem at all. Even after standing everybody: I have Even-Handed Justice, Seen in Flames & Ours is the Fury to prevent high dmg (e.g. through Ice, PTTS..).

Playing Stark myself gave me enough sense of how they react on certain actions.

Stinking Drunk is so damn good, too.

I cannot evaluate my style of playing and deck building myself, maybe its different from others, maybe I had a lot of luck within these tournaments, whatever. I just can pass my own experiences to you :)

Borgio 104

Several additions:

Played a lot with different plots & events. Wildfire Assault can be very good, if you have Bob, Stannis + Mel on the Board, wins games instantly.

Another nice tool is In the Name of Your King!. Let them overextend like hell, maybe with mountain + stuff or Robb/Jon/whatever. Just nope. ^^ Won several games for me, too.

So this is surely not the only working build. I like the Bara/Rose deck for more renown, too. :)

There are always a lot of possibilities to change single cards to make your deck less readable/obvious. Silver bullets make the game interesting ;)

ThronesGirlPT 14

How did it perform against winterfell and first snow of winter plot?

ironlix 1

Congrats! How did The Consolidation of Power perform?

I like King Robert's Warhammer & Motley but dunno if they will fit your deck.

Borgio 104


Winterfell is not a problem, since I have only very few cards which might be affected by that (Lightbringer/Shireen Baratheon/Ser Davos Seaworth/Ours is the Fury).

First snow is not a big deal, because I normally manage to kneel his/her big dudes down in this turn. And if I get back my Fiery Followers? Ok, thanks or more Melisandre triggers.

Consolidation of Power did better than expected. If you can kneel up to 3-4 little guys or just one Tyrion Lannister, both fine for me. Helps getting board control.

I had Motley in the earlier versions of this deck, it is nice, but in the end it does not keep the enemy from doing challanges. Especially after his hand is empty.

King Robert's Warhammer is a card I tried once or twice. In my opinion it is to expensive with 2, for the weak effect. Sure, if you keep it as a potential threat, it can be nice.

I think i would prefer the hammer in banner-decks like Lannister/Stag or GJ/Stag (if anyone plays something like that), so you can equip Tywin Lannister, Ser Gregor Clegane or Balon Greyjoy with it.

ThronesGirlPT 14

I feel like against stark with winterfell we will suffer from a high claim mill. Since we wont be able to use in the name of your king

Borgio 104

Sure, that could happen. We cannot prepare for everything.

But there are too many "if"s to fear that. If Robb Stark + Jon Snow is out, if Winterfell is out AND he triggers it (maybe the opponent fears ToL or other stuff more or just do not expect one of the events we have..), if he hast a winter plot, if he has Ice or Winter Is Coming. Exept the events this is quite expensive :)

Again: Every deck can beat every deck, and Stark fealty is a very strong (maybe strongest overall) deck atm. But I still managed to win most of the matchups by now. It is possible ;)

SirLargeness 475

Is there ever a time with Bara Feals that 3x Red Keep is too many? im guessing the chance of multiples isnt a concern with it?

Borgio 104


Well, its one of the core cards for Baratheon. So it is good to have it fast. Sometimes a dupe is needed (e.g. vs GJ), sometimes you get only one within the whole game, sometimes you can keep dupes on the hand for int-claim soak ;) Depends on the particular match.