Stannis DoMannis - Valar Dominance

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Stannis DoMannis - Valar Dominance (3-1 in Swiss, Games & St 5 4 0 2.0

SonOfBattles1 254

Do you think True King Stannis Baratheon gets a bad rep? Do you get satisfaction when your opponents have no options? Or do you just want winning Dominance to mean something?

Well, I'll give a yes to all three. So let's take a look.

Focus: This deck is primarily focused on winning Dominance and triggering the reactions from Stannis Baratheon (TIMC), Chamber of the Painted Table, and Gendry in order to gain a steady power advantage throughout the game. In order to do so reliably, we need the Iron Throne and our heavies standing during the dominance phase. Consequently, we don't want to initiate challenges with high strength characters unless we have a way to stand them (Lightbringer, Ours is the Fury), or if you're simply Ser Barristan Selmy (TS), who is really the MVP of this deck.

Attachment Hate: 3x Maester Cressen, need I say more?

Control: Melisandre and the R'hollor Mechanic as usual Baratheon fare. More importantly though, Valar Morghulis. The idea here is that this deck has enough saves with the numerous 3x unique characters and 2x Healing Expertise, that we can come ahead with our own offensive Valar, and win Dominance! I originally included some Bodyguards as well, but there were few legal targets.

Lack of Bob: Robert Baratheon pushed the average cost up too far and provided little for what this deck was going for. When I found myself playing against Baratheon in the past I dreaded Bob less than the often insurmountable wall of power icons from their other characters, so cutting him was a no brainer.

Plots: Always a fan of The King's Peace. It's just annoying to play against. Here to Serve to get Cressen out early with his attachment cleaning and combo with Healing Expertise. Calling the Banners for economy. Winter Festival and A Clash of Kings for power gain. Filthy Accusations and Valar Morghulis for control.

"I will bring Justice to Westeros" -Stannis the MANNIS

And we shall too. Feedback is appreciated!

10 comentarios

Wrecko 211

Any thoughts on reducing your location dupes in exchange for Support of the People?

SonOfBattles1 254

It's a good idea. Perhaps I will switch out a The Red Keep for it. Other than simply increasing the chance of draw, I usually prefer having some dupes to mitigate the damage from Political Disaster, which seems to be popping up more often in these new Rains decks

Samurai7 1

How has the The King's Peace been for you?

Nestalim 1

Where are the damn bodyguard ?

Flashback44 1

Great deck but i have few questions :

SonOfBattles1 254

I had another playtest last night, here are my takebacks
@Samurai7The King's Peace looks underwhelming at first glance but people are often loathe to give you free power tokens for challenges when you're already taking them most turns with the Painted Table. It's a very solid mid game defensive plot. I'll take it over Calm Over Westeros despite the stats.
@NestalimThey're going back in. I want to add at least 2 copies of Nightmares as well so I may cut a copy of Maester Cressen and the Healing Expertise. My duplicates served me well enough in playtesting when I played Valar Morghulis.
@Flashback44I take Fealty since there really aren't any other better options right now. I could maybe run Kings of Winter, but I used fealty almost every turn last night for Ours is the Fury or marshalling. I would miss the extra econ bump.

Corum89 47

For my money, Rattleshirt's Raiders is a better option than Maester Cressen , especially if you are taking up three slots. You have more than enough MIL strength to make them work. Cressen has a bad habit of dying early, or getting Milk of the Poppy thrown on him first.

Also, Support of the People seems like a no-brainer for this deck - you can use it on the defense as well. It could be clutch in popping out your The Iron Throne or Tobho Mott's Armory for free prior to the Dominance phase.

Lastly, consider duplicating Selyse Baratheon. A lot of folks overlook her ability to add an icon, and if you want Selmy to stick around, that will help a lot....

Miller 1

will you use the NEW Onion Knight when it comes out?

Miller 1

I am quite curious King's hunting party...Wouldn't City Guard be a better option?

SonOfBattles1 254

@Corum89The only issue I have with Rattleshirt's Raiders is the number of available neutral slots. With suggestions in mind I've already started running 1X Support of the People, 2x Bodyguard, and 2X Nightmares. There aren't many slots left. I'll mess around with the list and test with some. Selyse Baratheon has been someone on the fence of becoming a 2x. I'm just hesitant to slot many 2x uniques because I'm running an offensive valar and would ideally like to see a duplicate.
@Miller You bet. He's loyal, a LORD, and stealth with an awesome reaction. Is almost like a Baratheon version of the Clannister Tyrion. He will definitely have a home in this deck. Regarding King's Hunting Party, I run that over City Watch because it is consistently cheaper, especially if I'm behind. The potential extra intrigue icon is merely a bonus. If I were to add some Rattleshirt's Raiders though they would probably take these slots.