Recruitment Drive

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Smash n' Grab - Night's Watch Wolf (7-1 Dutch Nationals) 90 63 21 1.0
Inspiración para
Recruitment Drive (1st Kingsmoot 30p, 1st SC 8p, 2nd SC 17p) 9 6 6 2.0

2deep99me 73

A relatively small field of 8 players at the Penrith SC (Sydney, AUS). I presume the deck functions in the same way the original Smash 'n' Grab does, minimise the opponents board and slowly overwhelm. I feel like I got pretty lucky in some games, none the less the deck never seemed to be a problem in of itself. Hard to call MVPs between White Tree, The Iron Throne and Ward.

Game 1 def Lannister Fealty

A timely Valar which I believe I concealed nicely the previous turn cost my opponent a lot of high end uniques. Despite mounting a solid comeback with Tyrion Lannister I was able to minimise losses (except a mistake that cost me Varys) before playing Valar again to regain control, closing with a Ward on Ser Amory Lorch.

Game 2 def Tyrell Kings of Summer

Despite getting ridiculously unlucky with both setup hands and marshalling only an Old Forest Hunter and a Roseroad I managed to quickly regain control through a beautiful Valar, general choke and my opponent not seeing the economy he wanted.

Game 3 def Greyjoy "The Rains of Castamere"

Again, my opponent seemed to not be hitting the cards he wanted, with a general lack of military icons to push the board. A timely We Do Not Sow cost me a Harrenhal, but ultimately some wise play involving Take the Black and Marched to the Wall depleted my opponent's board before closing out a tough turn with a timely topdeck Ward for a Priest of the Drowned God preventing a Rains trigger and giving me an unopposed intrigue challenge.

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