NW-Buiilder (4-0 / Tourney of a New Era - The Red Wedding)

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NW KoS Builders [9-0 @ Northampton regional] 94 74 39 1.0
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[4-0 on Tourney of a New Era - The Red Wedding (Hungary)] http://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/4006

This is slightly altered version of the original NW Builder deck by JCWamma and Jeermaster. It has the same goals of getting the wall out for win condition and supporting with gift for economy. It's relatively weak against board clears if the opponent has saves, but the matchups favored it.

I managed to draw the cravens/poppies against the rush/crossing decks as well as not playing against a Night's Watch mirror where the game usually comes down to who gets The Wall first.

Going at it again I would probably add another Nightmares and maybe 1-2 Old Forest Hunter (which was included in the original), but I think with the right economy on board Arry is a good addition and The Iron Throne is just kind of needed especially with the trending Martell-stag decks around.

Matchups (all-in crossing):


Vs. Lanni-Crossing

Early Cersei Lannister (Core) got craven 2x, Duel worked for Cersei Lannister (LoCR)/Tywin Lannister (Core), I had a good setup and early economy

Vs. Stark-Crossing

Frozen Solid wasn't put on Brandon's Gift so I could keep flooding, Eddard Stark (Core)/The Blackfish had craven/milk as well as a Duel, couldn't stop some of the Tully rushes, but the draws meant there was no early pressure.

Vs. Lanni-Crossing

He avoided Duel, but Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) had Craven after 1 turn, no economy (4g / turn) and I got through Wildfire Assault. Dolorous Edd & Arry stopped INT challenges for Tyrion's Chain on Heads on Spikes

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Daigelmir 1

Gratz on you win!! ;) How do you see Flea Bottom perform in this deck?