Angry Weenies - Winner of Hand's Tourney Paris, 120 players

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brainu 1390

Hello ! First i would like too thanks QT and Laplante for this enjoyable week end, it was really great despite last minute problems so props to you guys. Hope we can do a better and bigger next year, and I hope to see people who will read this decklist at the next Hand's Tourney!

NW box wasn't legal. The deck was made too say a F*** to Big D character : I was very annoyed to see people who just play pentoshi turn 1, bump their hand with some dupe and then just all in in challenge. You have only 1 way to win with this deck, take the board, kill/discard most of their character and then get some UO/Dom.

Plots :

Naval Superiority : After testing a bit, since the deck is « pretty » lowcost , i didnt need a lot of gold, and init was very important : so it was basicaly win game or just win init.

Forgotten Plans : I needed something for first snow, so there it goes. It was in fact my best economy plot so sometimes i've just play it for gold (mostly for ward or harrenhal)

Battle of the Blackwater : Dupe are annoying, especially on setup. Actually Ghaston grey can deal with them if they attack, but i didnt want to take the risk of seeing a duped character like margeary/tywin where i would not be able to kill them. And 4 gold and 6 init was great for me anyway.

Valar Morghulis : Reset is important, we dont' care about our guys... Playing harrenhal before make really hard to recover for your opponent.

Marched to the Wall : The best plot for this deck, allow you to discard a warded character or to make venomous blade back in hand.

Counting Coppers : It just great with valar to get refuel your hand's, or to dig for cards in your deck.

Then there isn't much to talk about the deck, no important character in the deck.

Venomous Blade/Ward to get the board, attained mostly to counter lanni rains (making tears great against everyone). Blade was crazy good and probably the best card in the deck with harrenhal.

Harrenhal (GoH)/Ghaston Grey : Kill/bounce something annoying, If you have both at the same time it becomes hard for you opponent too play. The Iron Throne : To counter Barath, otherwise it would be pretty hard against table. It was great to get 1 point per turn.

Tears of Lys/His Viper Eyes : Great in a rush meta

MatchUp :

Bad against NW. Mostly because of Maester Aemon (Core) and Messenger Raven. Qhorin Halfhand can kill pretty much every character i play. Its winnable with a good start.

Pretty Bad against Targ. Plaza of Punishment kill all those weenies. Their plot make my character have 0 str and its basically like a valar... and same goes for Daenerys Targaryen if they manage too play her, I can't have str in challenge. If u manage to get a good valar/naval, they strugle to come back, they dont like harrenhal (Viper eyes/bastard discarding character/draw in their hand is pretty crucial)

Otherwise, every other match up is pretty much ok/good. Every game are winnable and lossable at the same time.

Tournament report :

Round 1 : OstTanaka (Lanni rains) Win. He setup Tyrion Lannister (LoCR) and and a chud. No economy for him so i guess he would start with a big plot, he start with Late Summer Feast. I kill the chud, then he discard 4 because of reserve, then marched turn 2 and the game was pretty much over.

Round 2 : Izabella (Greyjoy Rains) Win. Not many character in her hand, she coudn't do much this game. But it was nice to play against someone from poland.

Round 3 : Longbeard Elder (Lanni rains) Loss. I did some mistake early on, but then i stabilize. We was 10/10 on power, he got no card/no character on board, and harrenhal was on board. Top deck his 3rd treachery/Cersei Lannister (LoCR) and he was able to close out the game (2 int/1 pow, and i could oppose only 1 chal). Pretty sad but at the same time if i played better early I could have avoided it.

Round 4 : Valnitrik (NW Fealty) Loss. He setup Qhorin with a dupe chud roseroad, then see aemon/raven turn 1. And then The Wall turn 2. I was still able too clean his board, but he did get to many power and i wasnt able to comeback. Not much to do.

Round 5 : Liforre (Barath Summer) Win. 2 bastard turn 1 for me, with harrenhal. He play almost his whole hand, ang got a Robert Baratheon duped. Turn 2 i valar leaving him with 1 card in hand and no red keep in play, only robert on board. I harrenhal 1 chud, kill another one with desert scavanger/blade, marched the robert next turn and it was over for him.

Round 6: Cube18 (Stark Fealty) Win. No economy for him... Naval hit turn 1, i got economy so i was able to blade a chud, then mill claim and he got nothing on board... Then i've just play a battle of blackwater to be first, i play harrenhal and it was over.

Round 7 : Matec (Greyjoy Rains) Win. No Iron Mines turn 1 for him. I've got 1 viper eyes, allowing me to see if he got a Risen from the Sea wich he dont have, so i've just discard a euron. I tears a duped asha, the 2nd turn i valar asha/victarion and some chud... i know he didnt got much char in hand, he dont play counting coppers in his plotline so basically he was never able to come back because of blade.

Top 32 : Chronosis (NW Winter) Win. Nooooo a Nw. Game was recorded, so you can probably check it out when its posted. Basically i've forgotten plan his Wraiths in Their Midst turn 1, then valar turn 2 (even with aemon out). He dont play character, so turn 3 marched, I get harrehal out and was able to win. I got really lucky to hit economy every turn.

Top 16 : Rowandra (Tyrell/Wolf) Win. Naval hit turn 1, he decided to not play Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) without dupe/bodyguard but my viper eye allow to discard his marg, and he nightamre my elia sand to defend mill chall. He dont get any dupe execpt on bran (who get a blade 1 time), so valar hit him hard. I did get a harrenhal some turn after... Game went to turn 9 i guess, but he basicaly coudnt do much (even with counting/2 pleasure barge) without nightamare.

Top 8 : Dimitri (Stark Fealty) Win. Aggro stark with double sneak. He got no economy, i've got only 1 but it was enough. I've ward turn 1 an Arya Stark (Core). Marched turn 2, ward his Catelyn Stark (Core). He First snow turn 3, i decided to not discard catelyn to force him confiscation or marched next turn. I naval turn 4 and he marched with no gold. Then he was just choke out because he don't play plot with a lot of economy and he got no economy location.

Top 4 : Porcorouxo (Lanni Fealty) Win. Game was recorded. Check it when its online. I got no economy, i decided to forgotten plan to get 4 gold to ward a cersei with bodyguard. He treachery harrenhal to play Tywin Lannister (Core). Turn 2, he think i was going to marched, but i did valar while he summons. He decided to not save cersei with her bodyguard. A double viper eye allowed me to discard 2 Timett Son of Timett and then he basicaly didnt got many character to back in the game.

Final : Alex (Greayjoy Lotc) Win. Bo3, Games was recorded. I'll let you the surprise and see how the games went when it's online ! It was great a series.

Thank you for reading and i hope you liked the deck. See you at stahleck !

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zack 126

Glad to discover that the deck that has beaten me hard in playtesting a few days before the tournament ended up winning it :)

Congrats Brainu!

Benji 758

Seing the deck running for the first time, I developped the theory that it was " V2 Hardcontrol". In V1, Martell hardcontrol was based on the idea of making opponent's cards unuseful in the end, but abundance of economy and draw makes the control tools harder: complete cancel of challenge without condition, sending back claim, additional table reset with an event, recycling of big events from the discard pile. In this V2 where resources are scarce, your way of hardcontrol is to "remove" opponent's character before challenge ( Harrenhal, Ward, Venomous Blade, His Viper's Eyes, Naval Superiority) and attrition what hits the board (Marched *2, Ghaston Grey). Compared to V1, you have much more characters, because you rely more on preventing unoposed while leading a war of economical attrition. I am impressed by the idea, you developed your experience of Stark to melt it with Martell, for an innovative list that I did not see coming at all. It's rare that players with innovative ideas also win the tournament in the end, moral justice is respected there ! And thanks for making my pronostic verified ;)

Lohn 25

In Round 6 you used blade and mill claimed..but the blade is at the end of the phase and claim is before why the oppo didn t simply kill the poisoned char?

Laplante 214

@Lohn : blade can be triggered in marshall ;).

@Brainu : you know all the good i think of you, you know how i had fun playtesting with you, with our game of weenies decks, congratz again mate, your victory is more than derserved, you're the best mate ! Now you have to rock out Stahleck !!

Lohn 25

Ambush is a keyword only in challenges

Nimer 2590

This deck is absolutely awesome! Very well done...keep blackwatering those greedy players! ;)

Zaramis 247

@Lohn - you can just marshal it, don't have to ambush it. Still enters play.

PorcoRouxo 33

GG for your win, you deserve it ;) The top 4 match was painful to play, got totally outplayed as you made me do wrong choices all over the game.

Great deck as well, it always good to see weenies win over big characters ;)

brainu 1390

@BenjiThis is not hardcontrol, this is just pure aggro (death is a form of control... but you can't say it's a control deck :D)

jacque_steampunk 1

any changes to the beck now that the NW box is out?

ShunSokaro 217

Impressive work Brainu ! That was amazing !

Laplante 214

@Lohn: You just have to marshall it, it's when the card enter in play not when it's ambushed as Zaramis told you ;).


Bon comptant de voir que le deck qui m'a battu en tyrell aggro lors de nos partie d'entrainement termine premier. Pour la sortie de la NW je crois que J'ai des chances avec un deck de constructeur certe y'a le venin persistant mais j'ais la gestion propre perso défausse hiver éco. Se qui promet peu être un beau match up mais pour le tournoi vue que se deck contrôle était pas sortie le Martel loup est juste parfait. Chapeau l'artiste Après le contrôle ça demande d'être patien et une bonne dose de self contrôle comme je me targ de le dire le deck de Brainu je le passé à quelqu'un d'autre et mon % de victoire remonte de 50% sait pas à la porter de tout le monde faut être patient.

iaan 17

Your smile after winning your last game was priceless. ^^

cadupa96 82

Des choix très audacieux, félicitations! Ward et Harrenhal c'est très fort! J'aime aussi l'idée de Battle of Blackwater!

UrosK 13

The biggest problem I personally have with your deck, is that it relies heavily on outplays, using Naval superiority to deny gold, or Forgotten plans to cancel out first snow which otherwise pretty much leaves you with nothing on board, So basically if your opponent has an idea of what he is playing against he should have a good shot, for example starting safe with i.e. "A Time of Plenty" or playing any kraken combination with risen from the sea and iron mines non-dupe saves should quite ruin your game plan with valar/harenhall and also you can't discard bodyguards. But hey, I didn't test it/ play against it, so i might be wrong.

ShunSokaro 217

@Vrgmaister Brainu won the final versus a Greyjoy player in Best Of 3. Alex is one of the best GJ French players, and he knew brainu's deck after the first game. The thing is this deck is really hard to counter, because even with saves, it's difficult to progress. Opponent's hand decreases really fast, and with few characters on board, it's hard to attack because uou have to be really aware about military claims. Big guys are blocked by Ghaston Grey. Mines can help against Harrenhal, but it's one mine less before another Valar.

UrosK 13 This is a list i played often I refered to, I dislike maining Greyjoys because i cant win vs Baratheon kneel lol, would be interesting to see if Brainu's deck can consistently grind me out, I might ask a friend to try it so we can 1v1, its a nice deck obviously, espc dangerous if you dont know its stuff.

blueeyedbanditt 1

Is there video up of this deck in action?

ShunSokaro 217

It should be up next week !

jon-z 2

@Vrgmaister the deck is not necessarily easy to play. You can't rely on one or two OP characters that will win the game for you. I think the fact that the deck requires thinking and out playing the opponent is a problem for weaker players.

Atanas Keranov 383

I was matched aganst NW winter with White Tree on setup and a couple of Meager Contributions. I couldn't play a card that game with this plot line. Each round I was left with 1 or 2 gold for marshalling. So I guess the deck has its bad times as well.

Laplante 214

@at.keranov Brainu and i used to playtest together as I was playing a Nw winter choke deck, the match up was pretty tight, we were at 50% against each other, knowing each other's plots, so it was a lot of mind game too. The deck is really cheap as well, it helps against choke too.

UrosK 13

@jon-z You are wrong my friend, I also rely on OP events (Treachery) and OP Greyjoy locations lol.

jon-z 2

@VrgmaisterI did not intend to offend you. I was just saying that the deck is not so easy to win with, which is basically your point. You seem to prefer having intrinsequely strong and stable cards, it's your choice and it says nothing about your skill. It makes things easier though not really interesting imho.

If you want to play something interesting, you have to go the "out playing opponent" route, which is obviously harder, and even if you are very strong winning is far from guaranteed.

Kakita_Shiro 667

brainu 1390

`@Kakita_Shiro You cannot setup it, 2 gold make it hard to afford (n, and at the end most of time its not needed to clean the board.

brainu 1390

(Not a lot of economy, u prefer play chud most of the time)

Gabegabe 224

brainu, how can i show u a martell deck i have so that i can get some comments from a great martell player :D

Hastur 1

hello, any change in your deck recently?