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kaikou 706

Hello everybody, I'm Daniel Correas and I want to show you the deck I played this weekend in Valencia. It was an amazing weekend with the Spanish community. You guys are amazing. 60 people on the field and finishing top 4 and loosing against 2 decks made to beat greyjoy is a really worthy.

With the new box out I expected a field full of aggression, specially with Greyjoy, Targaryen, Martell and Sea of Blood. Moreover, as soon as I saw the spoiler of the new Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) I knew I had to built a deck around it. The old Euron Crow's Eye (Core) is individually better in my opinion but the new one creates a deck by himself.

Firstly, I want to clarify that this build has been made to beat Sea of Blood and mirror machups. You grab the initiative each round with cards like Salty Navigator, Silence and Refurbished Hulk. The big guys (specially Euron Crow's Eye (KotI)) in combination with Raiding Longship and Grey Ghost makes a lot of preausure and Great Kraken (the card we use with The House With the Red Door).

Only 1 or 2 characters are needed if the board is small enough. Moreover, Political Disaster is not very painfull (despite what some of you may think) unless you are far behind in the game. In other words, doesn't let your opponent get back into the game, it helps him finish the game.


Try to find 2 cost cards with 0 limited locations. Furthermore, Euron Crow's Eye (KotI)(who can make the early game easily), Great Hall and Drowned God Fanatic in the opening hand are fine.


1x A Noble Cause over other openers because I don't want to feed my opponent with cards or gold or use risky plots like Summer Harvest. 0 initiative is not the best but it's the plot that fits my playstyle.

1x Forced March. Good initiative and strong card to force unopposed challenges.

1x Nothing Burns Like The Cold. I needed something against Milk of the Poppy and Frozen Solid, 2 painful cards against this kind of decks who play with very few characters. Additionally, it may be an auto win removing a key location in some matches.

1x We Take Westeros!. 9 initiative, good for mirrors, good answer against Political Disaster and can win a game by itself if you grab a key location... To good not to play it.

1x Rise of the Kraken. It's really really easy to do unopposed challenges and claim 2. Too good. I tried You Win Or You Die in this slot but I think Rise of the Kraken is better to finish games.

1x Trade Routes and Valar Morghulis sadly mandatory.


3x Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) over Euron Crow's Eye (Core). For me t's economy (free ships), board control (intimidate) and free stats on your plots (initiative with silence). Key card of the deck in combination with feet scout (to intimidate any character) and with longship and greyghost to be oppressive in small boards and carrying the earlygame doing 2 challenges and helping to make unopposed challenges. 3x Salty Navigator and Eager Deckhand to play with and against Forced March, very common nowadays.

0x Iron Islands Fishmonger because there is no empty slots. They can be swapped for roseroads but I prefer 0 cost locations to make setups more stable.

3x Balon Greyjoy (Core) over Balon Greyjoy (CtA) and Balon Greyjoy (KotI) because it's the most stable way to trigger Great Kraken and it has stupid synergy with maiden's bane, doing 2 triggers from great kraken for free. Remember great kraken provides stealth, so it's almost unstoppable.

3x Victarion Greyjoy (MoD) over Victarion Greyjoy (LoCR). I tried both but I found Victarion Greyjoy (MoD) is better in small boards and his insane locations hate delightful . Moreover, kneeling ships is not painful because some of them may do their effect even if knelt and others like Iron Fleet Scout or Silence don't need to be played every turn.

3x Asha Greyjoy (Km)... Really? Do I have to explain this?

2x Drowned Men are really good against burn and Sea of Blood.

2x Old Bill Bone 2 icons (the decks lacks intrigue) and good meta against Sea of Blood.

2x Iron Victory's Crew. It's a way to fit many 1x locations and makes easier to find Raiding Longshipand Grey Ghost to make unopposed challenges or Maiden's Bane to stand the big guys.


Grey Ghost and Raiding Longship. Key cards of the deck. In small boards (that you can make with Valar Morghulis) may be even bully and makes easy to trigger Great Kraken.

1x Sea Bitch. Good for mirrors and Targaryen. You can reuse it with We Take Westeros! if you need an extra tempo swing in order to grab Meereen, Flea Bottom or Skagos. You are the first player so you can do this as your first action before any other action window.

1x The Seastone Chair/Maiden's Bane. Situational, easy to trigger and cheap. Strong enough to fill at least 1 spot.

0x Iron Victory. It has no impact on the board and the spirit of the deck is to have many locations doing lots of things while attacking. Being at 13-14 power and needing this location to close the game never happened on testing so I cut it.

0x Golden Storm. I triggered it 2 or 3 times on testing and it never affected the board state or the game, especially if you control Raiding Longshipand Grey Ghost. so I decided to cut it.

The rest of the locations are the typical you can find in greyjoy builds.


I run 11 locations because I don't play Iron Islands Fishmonger.

0 gold cost locations are too good for setups, specially if you only have 4 golds :).

Great Hall over The Kingsroad. I tried The Kingsroad but I saw that Great Hall is more stable and sometimes you need some turns to build the board. Both options are fine but I think it depends on your playstyle.

Refurbished Hulk. Key card for mirror matches and it's it's not limited, so it can help with the 4 gold setup.


We Do Not Sow: They weren't in the original build but they're there for the same reason I play Nothing Burns Like The Cold. They're versatile, easy to use in this build, good for mirror matches and discard Milk of the Poppyand Frozen Solid.

Risen from the Seain the same way that Iron Mines with very few characters are mandatory.

Short report:

R1: Jaino- Greyjoy Wars to come. Win.

R2: Jesus Valdes- Stark Assault from Shadows. Loss.

R3: Ariadna Stark- Stark Xsing. Win.

R4: Oscar Clemente- Greyjoy Wars to come. Win.

R5: Badrach- Toxic but funny Faceless Martell Watch. Win.

R6: Christian Torruella- Tyrell Wars to come. Loss.

R7: Aitor Rey- Greyjoy Wars to come. Win.

Cut with top 16

Top16: Rober "Bebe" Casas Stark Fealty. Win.

Top 8 Diego García Greyjoy Dragon. Win.

Top 4 Jesus Valdes (again) Stark Assault from shadows. Loss.

Thank you for reading. I would gladly answer any question so feel free to ask.


7 comentarios

Badrach 17

I'm not toxic :(

kaikou 706

I didn't talk about your deck. When I said "toxic" I meant you were drunk LOL.

Badrach 17

Ah, but I always am. How am I suppose to play the decks I play if I'm not? ;)

Harren 356

Lovely deck. Congratulations. Wouldn't you consider changing Balon version and cutting sea bitch and seastone for fishermongers?

kaikou 706

Core set Balon Greyjoy (Core) is better in this deck imo but the king Balon Greyjoy (CtA) could fit the deck if The King in the North is popular. The The Seastone Chair is just too easy to trigger with this build and sea bitch was there to win mirror matches. The only card I would add is Hagen's Daughter but I don't know what to cut, to be honest.

TheHappyDuck 13

Nice deck. Have you considered Golden Storm?

kaikou 706

Hi @TheHappyDuckIt wasn't very representative in my games during testing so I decided to cut it for other cards.