"The Red Sea" 5th @ La Triche SC (21p) w/ Report

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mak 35

Another great event ran by Dan TheBest ( Team for Jesse's Name Day) at a Great Pub in St-Eustache (near Montreal, QC in Canada). Many thanks to all the players from Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa for showing up!

https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/6411 (21p)

About the deck:

Deck felt strong all day.

Since the last awkward RL in February, things have changed for decks. I played a couple of games with SoB & Burn but I found it to much constraining by not being able to play events in and challenges.

After talking with players in our community: it all comes down to bodies on the board. Additionally, if you can add a little Stealth to that, the agenda should trigger (ie: Her or her are doing excellent work in SonOfaBitch decks).

So, here I am saturday morning asking myself again "What do I bring for today's SC?".

Since burn requires a heavy hand with events and it seems too much constraining outside challenges, I finally decided to build the events package with only 1x copy of every needed tech and use the agenda to get what I need (inspired by Thrones W.A.R and ALFALFAR decks). I also never played without Flea Bottom, so I'll manage those Second Sons and the like, accordingly. Meereen was the obvious choice here as the restricted card.


  • Syrio Forel. Period. "Syrio can be Vinced !". Fine, let the player wonder on when it's the proper time to use Vince. A single stealth can already make a huge difference.
  • Jhogo + Qotho (stealth again)
  • The Market
  • Initiative
  • PTTS
  • PTTT

Main strategy:

  • You will be behind in for the first couple of turns, but apply pressure from the start.

Any questions and constructive comments are welcome!

Round 1 vs. Michael S. ( Crossing)

Michael is a great player and I think I never got a win against him in a tournament. I did go 1st in t1 and was able to have Syrio + Jhogo + Qotho on the board. Stealthing 3 characters was more then enough to trigger Sea of Blood to Sword Balon. Of course, Risen from the Sea copy number 1. I did draw good cards naturally (from draw phase), so Meereen was okay. I didn't trigger it every round and didn't want to trigger it to much against (even Crossing).

He never saw his big characters except for Asha where she died from the Sword. He saw 1 Iron Mines which I Torched, dupes of Balon and more saves. He had great locations but not enough characters.

This game was pretty intense and I realized that I need to win DOM to win this game or try to find a way to drop down his . In t3 or t4, in the challenge, I trigger Sea of Blood and I hesitate to Sword Balon (he had 4-5 renown) or afford Unexpected Return to put Daario on the board and win DOM... I went with the Sword on Balon which was a HUGE mistake: I clearly didn't see his dupe (he had a dupe and the 3rd copy of Risen from the Sea on him).

We were @ 12-12 and time was called =( Let's count the cards then.

Note to myself : always slide the cards of the opponent to make sure there are no dupes (characters and/or locations) when thinking about Put to the Sword or Put to the Torch.

L, 0-1

Round 2 Bye

W, 1-1

Round 3 vs. Adamo D. aka The Son ( Rains)

Another great player with usually many tricks in his decks. I think he setup Cersei and a chud with no econ. I knew I couldn't let him trash my hand with challenges and/or let him Rains.

So it begins. Cersei respectfully received a Sword. Words Are Wind was played 2x times, which I didn't cancel. In t2 I found this great card. He had the lead in but I kept pushing challenges. The lack of econ didn't help him to build a board. Burned Men died, Cersei died, Tyrion died.

W, 2-1

Round 4 vs. Guillaume B. ( SoB)

Buddy Guillaume is a meticulous player with a high Winrate ratio (even in casual games). Every, actions, were crucial to win this game.

In t1 he had Arya duped, Cat, Greatjon, Northern Armory, Great Hall and Last Hearth.

The thing here is that I opened with Fortified Position and I had 5 bodies + Consuming Flames going into the challenge phase. This game was so intense from the start. Last Hearth is extremely good in Sea of Blood so I did Torch it. Greatjon was at 2 STR until the end of the phase, but he was standing. I had no worries about his Sea of Blood, for now.

In t2 I had to deal with Roose but I had a good board so I could take the hit. Cat got what she deserved and then Greatjon was lonely.

He did trigger Sea of Blood next round with Robb (+The Wolf King) and Greatjon to Torch my Plaza.

Further on, we were hitting each other back and forth but 2 big mistakes happened from my part. First, making a challenges with Dothraki Honor Guard because I felt way off on (instead of keep killing his board). Second, I played Waking the Dragon on duped Drogo and, for whatever reason, I thought that it was "discard the dupe and return the character to hand". And that was on a YWOYD turn. An old card from the Core Set that bit me in the ass and changed this match in favor of my opponent. Live and learn I guess.

gg Guillaume, I'll get you next time! ;)

L, 2-2

Round 5 vs. Tony D. aka The Father ( Wars)

I always enjoy games against Tony. He used to beat me hardcore online with his decks, so I didn't know what to expect from his Wars version. glhf =)

I had a 5 cards setup and drew back into 5 locations... aarrgg!! Oh wait, this location might help. Although I thought he would be aggro with his Wars decks (Ice?, Taste For Flesh?), but Tony had no econ on setup and a few characters on the board. Sea of Blood will probably do some work.

He did slow me down with Barring the Gates (t1), The Withering Cold (t2), Political Disaster and Winterfell (t3). All in all, Robb as join the party, but it was a little late against the bloody agenda.

W, 3-2

Thanks to the community, great times!

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H2Masri 1

Could you explain the Waking the Dragon interaction? I’m confused a bit by the comment. Otherwise, thanks for the great write up and deck! Seems like fun.

mak 35

Thanks @H2Masri for dropping by. Sorry for the confusion, here is more details:

Khal Drogo was duped and knelt with another character on the board. I was 2nd player. When my challenges phase began, I've use Waking the Dragon on Khal Drogo. It's been a while since I've play Waking and I thought it couldn't be saved.

I should've just discarded the dupe and keep Khal on the board, since it can be saved =(