Sea of blood in the ALFALFAR

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"The Red Sea" 5th @ La Triche SC (21p) w/ Report 7 5 2 1.0
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Alfalfa 16

Hi there ! is my first time publishing a deck and my english is no very good so sorry in advance and be nice guys. The deck was 4th in Valencia (thanks Wesker and all the crew for a great weekend :D ) losing against 2 stark fealty and crossing with Winterfell, Bran Stark (Core), Ward (never go first against stark if you have Jhogo or Second Sons) and Targaryen hod with Meereenwhich was an incredible deck and player and won all the games. I won against Lanny crossing, Greyjoy fealty, Greyjoy Wars(BLOODY FLUX), Martell fealty(Sorry BadDave), Lanny Sob (nice deck and clansmen combo), TOP 16 NW winter (FORGIVE ME GOD ENKEDI IM A SINNER) and TOP 8 Baratheon Wars.

This started as a pure aggro deck with 3 Raiding Khalasar, Drogon (IDP), Rakharo, Cohollo, Bloody Arakh... and it was like a The Free Folk deck with targaryen tricks, you could win in turn 1 or 2 or you could lose slowly and painfully. Really fun and raw but non stable. And now in this last version the balance and economy are much better thanks to 3 Hizdahr zo Loraq and 3 Meereen. No reset because resets are for pussies and if you are not winning without reset probably you wont win (at least this was true on the first versions may be now is different but i refuse to try) Dont think there is a lot to say, is easy to play and fun. Khal Drogo is the best piece giving you another chance to trigger the agenda Crown of Goldinstead of Bloody Arakh because with Hizdahr zo Loraqyou can afford it and is instant kill. 1 of each event and Meereenese Marketwill help you to use them again. 2 Plaza of Pridebecause I lost one copy dont know when XD. Waking the Dragongood for Aegon TargaryenSer Jorah MormontDaario Naharis and is the only card apart from Viserys Targaryen (Core) to avoid Milk of the Poppyand stuff like that. 1 Consuming Flamescan help you to trigger sob or can kill a chud. Forced March Syrio Foreland Jhogoare pretty good if your opponent is as strong as you in militar challengens. The Bloody Flux nice to see the whole table dying, specially good against Greyjoy, if your opponent didnt use Valar Morghulis when you expected still you can use Put to the Swordin the biggest guy. Have to say useless in some matches when the opponent uses Valar Dohaeris or if there is no dupes or Bodyguard.

Any advice is welcome because id like to play it in future tournaments. Kisses Alfalfa Herrera. (No the Alfalfa ironthrone player who is from America and like the word ALFALFA too)

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Katoh 1

I think you have way too much economy for a deck with the only king that matters. I could drop Kingsroad and Slaver's Port for 2x Missandei (since she can be used multiple times to feed Hizdahr or Plaza and aside from Sons you don't have many good targets). Last spot could be either one more PttS or PttT or another Jorah if you are trying to rush.

ShootFirst 1

Awesome deck! Thanks for sharing.